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~About US~

Evans Drone Services LLC: St.Louis Missouri Veteran-Owned Offering Roof Inspections, Aerial Inspections, and Construction Monitoring. Commercial and Residential Real Estate Photography, Photogrammetry, and Videogrammetry Solutions for Enhanced Precision. Unlocking Efficiency and Accuracy with Cutting-Edge Drone Technology.”


~ Roof Inspection ~

~ Real Estate Photography ~

~ Construction Monitoring ~

Don’t put yourself in danger or in a hazardous position we can perform visual inspections on your gutters looking for defects and blockage. Using our service is cheaper, safer, quicker to identify issue with damages roofs with leaks, or roofs that need to be replaced on residential or large commercial buildings. Let our service do closeup inspections of roof top air conditioning units we will provide high quality photos and video to ensure you get an overview to make your assessment

Give your clients, investors or potential tenants the advantage of aerial views of the architectural structure location to roadways or highways for your commercial property. Aerial photography gives footage identify your property and how it can be planned for development.

Having an invaluable tool to monitor a construction site tracking and documenting the progress of the project to ensure the project is staying within the timeline and budget. Whether the project is industrial, commercial or residential project having aerial photography can help ensure that all stakeholders are informed.

~ Land Survey ~

~ Insurance Claims Photos ~

~ Marketing and Media Production ~

Empower your land surveying endeavours with the precision and efficiency of drone technology. Effortlessly cover vast areas and capture high-resolution aerial imagery, revolutionizing traditional surveying methods. Save time, reduce costs, and gain accurate data for mapping, topography analysis, and infrastructure planning like never before.

Need to file an insurance claim use the power of aerial photography to exhibit the damage done to your home, land, equipment, out buildings or storage. Using drone photography can get those hard-to-reach area photo’s or show a wide area view of larger damage.

Overall, drones can bring new perspectives and creativity to market and media productions while being efficient. They can create exceptional marketing materials showcasing features of projects with aerial images, offering customers a unique view that only a drone can capture of special events, tourist attractions, vacation property, rental property, and Airbnb.

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